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Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Dr. Ennis utilizes the Functional Movement Assessment as part of the initial evaluation process. This is a system that looks at the body from head to toe. Oftentimes the cause of a person’s pain lies elsewhere than the body part that hurts. It is not uncommon to find the cause of a person’s low back pain in a hip, knee, or, upper back that isn’t moving correctly. Treatment is more effective and efficient with this whole body philosophy and can even prevent future injuries

Women’s Health

Dr. Ennis has had advanced training in the evaluation and treatment of women’s health issues, from pain to incontinence. A thorough history, exam, and evaluation are performed to get to the root of the issue. Treatment involves postural exercise and alignment, gait analysis, pelvic floor exercise and manual techniques to decrease pain and tension, core strengthening exercise, and hip stretching.

Sports Injuries

Dr. Ennis has participated in swimming at the collegiate level and is now an avid participant in triathlons, including the full Ironman distance. She has had additional training in biomechanics, gait and running analysis, as well as the biomechanics of swimming, biking, and running. As a current athlete, Dr. Ennis understands the importance that sport, athletics, and activities play in people’s lives. Momentum Physical Therapy works hard to keep you active and continue to enjoy the activities you love.


Sports & Women's Health

What Clients are saying:

I started seeing Kristie as my personal trainer and learned that she also provided Physical Therapy treatment. I have seen a chiropractor for over 2 years. I have seen vast improvements, but in the past 6 months I wondered why some aches and pains were reoccurring. Then, I had a good fall down the stairs and thought she could help speed up my recovery. She helped me through my 'tailbone' rehabilitation and I quickly realized that I could trust her for an honest assessment of what might be causing some of my other ailments and a modest plan for rectifying any issues. She lets you know that the symptoms you are feeling might be due to something else entirely. She is willing to work to find the root of the issue.

She loves what she does, you can tell. She is constantly trying to figure out new ways to help you through your body's shortcomings. She lets you know that no one is perfect and only consistency and your 'homework' can help you balance out your body to work most efficiently. The best and saddest part was when she said that I could stop regular treatment. I felt great, but it helped me know that she was more focused on my success than my money. Talk about customer service, she regularly follows up with me to make sure I am still on track. Due to life, I fell off of my regimen, we already have an appointment to get me back on track. PT is a process and she is not only your guide, but your biggest cheerleader! Thank you so much Kristie!

~ Crystal T., Concord, NH




Did you know that physical therapy can help specialized issues that women deal with including pelvic pain and incontinence?

  1. Constipation, painful bladder, pain with sex, painful and tight pelvic floor muscles, stress, and urge incontinence, tailbone pain, endometriosis, pre and post natal pain, Fibromyalgia, and Osteoporosis are conditions that benefit from physical therapy treatment.

  2. A thorough musculoskeletal evaluation is performed and your urologic, gynecologic, sexual obstetric and orthopedic conditions are all explained, evaluated and treated.

  3. Manual therapy and exercise are used to treat all areas of the body that are affecting your condition.

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